Why Higher BMI is Bad for Your Memory

Why Higher BMI is Bad for Your Memory
Why Higher BMI is Bad for Your Memory

High Body Mass Index has associated with several health risk include for brain health.

It is study in young people with obesity and overweight that they have poor episodic memory problem.

This is a condition when they are having weakened ability to recall the past events that compared into their normal weight peers.

The overweight people are unable vividly relive detail for past events.

It is supported result that finding is excess body weight is associated with changes of structure and function from brain that its ability for perform optimal certain cognitive tasks.

The study in 2021 found that obesity and health condition related to obesity might trigger changes in areas within brain, particularly at hippocampus structure.

The hippocampus area is brain part that involved in memory and learning.

The people bad habit in eating also contributes to the overweight and lead to brain memory weakened ability.

Snaking junk food in late of night also negatively influence to learning and memory.

Episodic memory plays a crucial role for individual eating habit that able to lead into bad eating habit such as snacking and craving.

The episodic memory that makes lose detail in eating in past are able to lead into overeat then cause overweight and obesity.