When Women Get Menopause

When Women Get Menopause
When Women Get Menopause

For many women, get menopause means hormone changes that also develop their body function and emotionally.

In other side, this hormonal change also brings the 53xual pain in menopause.

When women get menopause, estrogen hormone dropped and this lead into drier va9!na and tissues that become thinner.

The situation like this can lead pain during penetration in 53x.

Use lubricant is able to help the pain but taking hormone replacement such as estrogen treatment is likely more women use.

To treat it, use estrogen oral treatment or HRT and cream are both that recommended for the pain.

In first of the treatment introduce, it is indicate that HRT related to the br3ast canc3r.

But the recent study in 2021 decline for br3ast canc3r related to HRT oral prescription.

The consensus for the treatment issues then deal with formulation of cream that directly delivers the hormones into the vu1va or va9!na proven safer rather than take hormone therapy in oral prescription.

The other condition that lead into 53xual pain in women is come from taking human b!rth c0ntr0l, cancer treatment, skin problem, vag!n!5mu5 and abnormal in physical.

Skin problem that appears in around of genital area can lead into 53xual pain.