Touching Story in The Last Lions

Touching Story in The Last Lions
Touching Story in The Last Lions

Lions are famously called as the king of the jungle.

This is true that there is no better symbol for Africa rather than a lion.

The amazing cat species that lives in such a teamwork in their life today are in the edge of the extinction due to several reasons, from being the ritual bravery to the hunting trophies and medical necessities.

For any kind of reason, this animal should be conserved.

In the last five decades, they have been undergoing such an extreme decline of amount, which decreased from 400.000 to 20.000, or remain today only about 5%.

The Last Lions is the movie directed by Dereck Joubert, that also wrote the story.

The movie published by National Geographic Entertainment is worth to watch for not only reminding us about the decreasing population of the lions in the animal world.

The effort of Dereck and Beverly Joubert is also to build and remind our moral duty for conservations.

At the same time, the movie offers us the beautiful panorama of Bostwana.

The movie itself is made in the middle of Bostwana jungle by the married couple that have been living in the country as the conservationist and eventually as Explorers in Residence for National Geographic for four years.