Top 5 Tricks for Healthy Menus

Top 5 Tricks for Healthy Menus
Top 5 Tricks for Healthy Menus

Your eating habit play significant role on your health over time.

People who eat unhealthy food throughout time will tend to have more health issues and illnesses.

If you want to prevent such thing, change your eating habit and eat only healthy food.

Here are several tricks to develop healthy menu.

Cut Fat

Try your best not to cook fatty ingredient with oil.

If you have to, use olive oil instead and use less than the recipe tells you.

Cut Sugar

Reduce the amount of sugar when you bake or making tea and coffee.

This will cut your calorie intake.

Cut Salt

If you have to, don’t use salt.

You can replace it with lemon juice and several herbs to balance the taste.

Add More Fiber

You need whole grain bread, more fruits and veggies too on your menu.

This will empower your digestion system.

Have More Soup and Stew

This is a relatively healthier menu especially when you remove the fat and add lentils or peas for fiber.

There are actually many other things that you can do to develop healthy menu.

However, these five first tricks should be enough for your start.

Try to apply those tricks and be discipline on it.

Once you feel the difference inside your body, you are ready to learn more tricks to improve it.