This Is How to Overcome Foot Cramp

This Is How to Overcome Foot Cramp
This Is How to Overcome Foot Cramp

Have you ever experienced foot cramp?

Your foot or the other part of your body will have cramp when the muscle tightens suddenly.

It most happen about a few seconds until a few minutes, the cramp will happen if you have no stretching before doing sport or when you are sleeping in the night you may feel cramp on your feet especially around calf area.

The cause and risk of cramp

There are some factors which will able to cause foot cramp.

The cause of the cramp is lack of mineral such as calcium and magnesium, it also maybe because there is pressure to the nerve, dehydration, and the artery is tighten, and there is still factor which lead to the cramp.

It is important to be known to prevent cramp.

How to overcome cramp

How to overcome it?

Firstly you need to know the cause which is mentioned earlier.

Besides that, you need to do this when the cramp comes.

First, get some rest and soften the muscle, after that massage the muscle part which is pressure, compress using hot water, and then drink fresh water to avoid dehydration.

Besides that you need to consume food which contains magnesium and you also may use medicine to reduce the pain of the foot cramp.