The Secret of Elephants’ Legs

The Secret of Elephants’ Legs
The Secret of Elephants’ Legs

Have you ever wondered about how can the elephants stand and move with their legs although their bodies are so big?

Well, such thing is quite interesting to be sought for the answer.

It is actually quite strange to see how such big body can stand in four relatively small legs.

Once again we have the proof of the nature greatness that happens in this animal world.

Well, if you pay attention to the legs of the elephants, you will find that at the bottom of the legs, there are some lumpy parts.

These parts are the ones which make it possible for the elephant to stand and move.

These lumpy parts are able to prop the body even if the elephant has bigger body than the normal size.

On the lumpy parts, you will also find some kind of elastic things.

These things have the similar function to the vehicle shock breakers.

Thus, the elephants can move easily because their weights are supported perfectly by the legs.

With this kind of legs, the elephants can travel quite far distance without any problem although they have huge bodies.

Well, the wide palms also make it easier for the elephants to lift their legs.

It is because the pressure which is produced by the body is distributed perfectly by the wide palms.