Some Benefits of Garlic to Improve Health

Some Benefits of Garlic to Improve Health
Some Benefits of Garlic to Improve Health

Garlic is one of herbs that are commonly used for seasoning or flavoring the foods.

Besides the function to add flavor, garlic is also beneficial for health.

It has been used for years as medicine to treat kinds of diseases.

It can be consumed in the form of supplement or fresh cloves.

For Heart and Blood System Treatment

Garlic is beneficial to treat some diseases related to the heart and blood system problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, coronary heart disease, as well as atherosclerosis or the hardening of arteries.

For Kinds of Cancer Treatment

For those who suffer cancers, you can try garlic as one of the options to treat your disease.

The cancer types that can be treated with garlic are such as rectal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer and also prostate cancer.

To Treat Other Kinds of Disease

There are many kinds of other diseases that can be treated by garlic such as hayfever, diabetes, enlarged prostate, cold and flu, high blood pressure in the late of pregnancy, low blood sugar, headache, fever, sinus congestion, bronchitis, asthma, and many more.

Besides, garlic is also commonly used to prevent tick bites, fungal infections, etc.

The chemical substance produced by garlic named Allicin is the main substance that is very beneficial to improve your health.