Repairing Body Condition with Pilates

Repairing Body Condition with Pilates
Repairing Body Condition with Pilates

Pilates is now increasingly popular around the world.

It is taken from the name of the creator, Joseph Pilates.

This body work offers a variety of benefits for the body.

Basically, Pilates consists of 25 to 50 strength exercises.

Movement in Pilates focuses on the abdomen, lower back, hips, and thighs.

The method consists of a resistance movement and muscle strength, and the flexibility exercises that are categorized with the low impact.

As the result, Pilates exercise can repair the condition of the body.

Pilates will train the mind to coordinate and act symmetrically with the body.

Furthermore, a person will have more awareness to make a move, sit, or stand right.

It will help to avoid and reduce the pain due to incorrect habits earlier.

It also can improve the ability to control the body.

Pilates will familiarize a person to move the body in synergy, not only rests on the major muscle groups.

This exercise is able to strengthen the abdomen and the back.

Pilates exercises focus not only on the abdomen, but is believed that it will make the back and the whole body become stronger and healthier as well.

But some medical conditions are not advised to do Pilates movement, for example unstable blood pressure, osteoporosis, and hernia.