More about Kenyan Rhino

More about Kenyan Rhino
More about Kenyan Rhino

The Kenyan Rhino refers to the black one because the species is mostly found in Kenya, Africa.

The name black comes from how the animal appears after it wallows in muddy pools.

The Kenyan rhino is a very solitary one particularly the bull rhino.

However, during the mating period they can be sociable.

Rhino in general is a member of five big communities in animal world: the buffalo, elephant, leopard and lion.

Purely the rhinos are grazers.

Unlike the buffaloes, rhinos have not many predator, their horns are very sharp while their skin is very hard so it seems that no animal would like to come near it.

Poachers have threatened the Kenyan Rhino in the mid sixties and seventies.

Today, most of Kenyan rhinos are in captivity under different national parks in the country despite the numbers of the animals decreased drastically.

The Kenyan rhinos are prized for their horns that are believed to have medicinal values even though this thought is never supported by scientific facts.

Horn of rhinos is on its snouts and it is made of Keratin.

Kenyan rhinos have color ranges from grey to yellows.

Between the age of 4 and 7 the rhinos reach maturity period in their life span that range from 30 to 35 years.