Komodo Animal

Komodo Animal
Komodo Animal

Indonesia is known as archipelago country which has numerous beautiful places.

From hundreds of the wonderful places, there are places which belong to 7 wonders of the world.

Borobudur was one of the 7 wonders and now Komodo island is the new 7 wonders of the world. What is special in Komodo island?

What makes it be world’s wonder?

Komodo island is well known as the Komodo National Park.

It is a place where komodo can live freely without being worried of being hunted and killed.

Komodo is one of the world’s protected animals in the world and people are allowed not to do any activity which may harm the existance of komodo.

Komodo has around 60 sharp teeth and each of them is 2-3 centimetres long.

Male komodo is bigger than the female ones and they have different colors.

Male komodo has dark grey and red colors whereas female komodo has green color along with a bit yellow color on its throat.

Young komodo has more colors on its body.

There are yellow, green, white and also black on the body of young komodo.

Komodo tends to be active in day rather than evening or night.

This is because it cannot see clearly when it is dark.