How to Prevent Influenza

How to Prevent Influenza
How to Prevent Influenza

Influenza commonly experienced by all gender and age, so you should know how to prevent influenza.

Some people think that influenza relates with the season or weather, but that is no real fact.

The health experts stated that influenza can be caused by many factors and also bad habit of people who suffer it.

So, people should avoid some activities that causes influenza and also know how to prevent the disease.

There are some tips you can apply in your daily life to avoid influenza, the tips are:

· Wash Your Hand

Wash your hand about 20 second to repel germs.

It is good to make you still healthy.

· Avoid Touching Nose, Mouth and Eye

When your hand is not sterile, avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes because the germs can attack your body start from those part.

· Try to Have Healthy Lifestyle

Make sure that you get enough sleep, eat nutritional food, drinks enough water and exercise regularly.

Those activities will make you still fit every day.

· Eat Yogurt

Good bacteria in yogurt help you to avoid bacteria cause of influenza.

The health experts believe that bacteria in yogurt can spur immunity system in fighting disease.

Those are some tips to prevent influenza.

You can follow the tips above to make your body still healthy and avoid from influenza.

By doing tips to prevent influenza, you will have the better life and always fit every day.