Get Healthy Body by Having Proper Sleep

Get Healthy Body by Having Proper Sleep
Get Healthy Body by Having Proper Sleep

The key to have healthy body is keeping healthy life style and healthy life style means have healthy and balance diet, exercise, and have proper sleep and rest.

Since those elements of healthy lifestyle are one package, you need to keep those three elements balance.

If those three elements do not do properly, it will make body to get sick easily.

Human body is not a machine that can be used as random as ever, even machine also needs to be restarted and rest.

But, people in this day prefer to work very hard without have proper sleep and push their body to work.

People need to know the capacity of their body and know when to get some rest to restart the body and get fit.

There are some bad effects may happen when people do not have proper rest and sleep.

The effects include weak immunity, health trouble in general, and also it will be able to increase the possibility of cronies’ disease because the immune is weak and also ruin some function in human body.

There are some signs that make you need to have proper rest and sleep, those are tire, faint, have no appetite and when you feel your body is different from usually you are.