Cure the Insomnia by Consuming Banana

Cure the Insomnia by Consuming Banana
Cure the Insomnia by Consuming Banana

Nowadays, there are many people who have sleeping trouble at night and cannot sleep at all or insomnia.

Why does it happen?

The cause may be different for each people, but many cause of insomnia is the stress and pressure in the job they do during the day, or may be the people who get insomnia have many problems that make them stress and feel many pressures.

Insomnia cannot be let by it is. 

If you let the insomnia without try to cure it, it will make your body to be easy to get tire, and has no energy during the day.

Moreover, according to some experts, insomnia will make you to be able to be forgetful person, easy to confuse, has blood pressure, and also feel depressed.

You will not want to have and experience those effect for sure, therefore you need to cure the insomnia by consuming banana.

There is a lot of beneficial nutrition in banana and the important for curing insomnia is banana will help to produce melatonin, a hormone that will stimulate for sleeping and muscle reaction.

Consuming it regularly before go to bed will help to solve the insomnia problem, and for the best result, keep healthy life style in eating and exercising.