Camel and Plastic

Camel and Plastic
Camel and Plastic

Camel is the most captivating and majestic creatures in our planet.

Camel is a captivating animal revered in the Middle East.

In animal world, camel is known to die massively because of plastic.

The fact shows that young camel can be attracted to a plastic bag and consume it to be out of curiosity.

This plastic certainly is not a friendly substance in camel’s body.

In fact, the plastic can then solidify in camel’s stomach that causes the animal’s digestive tract to become blocked.

Around the blockage, the calcium can form and this damage will not be reserved in the camel’s body.

If this case happens, slowly the camel will die of starvation.

The reason is that the digestive tract of camel is never designed to rid plastic material itself.

Actually, there is no animal’s digestive tract can do it as well.

A half of the death of camels in Dubai for example is closely related to the plastic consumption according to the latest figures of the area.

It is a sad truth that the beautiful and majestic animal doesn’t know how much plastic can destroy it.

Just because people cannot dispose well their waste many camels can die.

This is truly a tragedy for all of us.

The hope can come from alternative materials called biodegradable plastics that can potentially save the life of camels in our planet.