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Tragedy of Lions for Trophy Hunting

Tragedy of Lions for Trophy Hunting

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The declining population of lions is the global problem. 

The lion is the part of the earth, of the ecosystem, of animal world, and of the history. 

The king of the jungle shall be soon removed from the list of endangered species today with more and more efforts, including conservations. 

That shall be ashame for the human being to leave the lions merely in the symbol of coat of arms and flags, but get their real extinction in the entire world. 

The animal world would never be the same again without lions.

Tanzania, as some other countries in Africa where the most lions live, unfortunately, have the policy of “Trophy Lion”, in which legally permits the lion hunting for sport. 

Actually, the hunting would be good if it is conducted toward some species that are in wider population, or can be said as conservation measure. 

Unfortunately, in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and more countries in Africa, there are too many lions that are killed in the wrong age. 

The killing of lions in Tanzania is not to be agreed but at least the government makes their data harvest available, while the other countries like Zimbabwe and Zambia instead, often do the hunting in a shroud of secrecy.