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The Characteristics of Elephants

The Characteristics of Elephants

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When you ask the people about the biggest animal on the land, most of the people will definitely say elephants as the answer.

Yes, indeed, this animal can be categorized as one of the biggest animal in the animal world.

The hugeness can be compared to whale and the other big animals.

By considering the size, many people will think that this animal is very strong.

Such thought is totally right. Elephant can crush your car easily.

The weight which is up to 4 tons is the source of the strength.

However, the comprehension of the people about this animal is quite limited.

Not all people know that this animal can live quite long time.

It is very possible for the elephants to live up to 70 years.

Yes, indeed, it is like the human beings, isn’t it?

And elephants are a kind of animal which has great tolerance to the group.

Elephants like to live in colonies. Each colony has its own leader.

And whenever there are some elephants being disturbed by something, the other elephants will try their best to protect them.

Therefore, you need to be careful when there are some elephants in your surroundings.

It is because you might be considered as a thread for them.

You better run away and ask for the experts to handle this matter.