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The Captivation for Sumatran Tiger

The Captivation for Sumatran Tiger

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In Indonesian animal world, the Sumatran tiger is a species of tiger that is still hang on and still have the possibility to be survive form any extinction. 

Although this tiger is now endangered, it is still able to survive if there is special intervention from human who is care about the existence of this tiger.

One way which can be done to save the existence of the Sumatran Tiger is by creating captivation area for this endangered animal. 

The captivation is usually made and designed to be very similar with the natural inhabitant of the Sumatran Tiger. 

The reason why the captivation should be made in this way is because it is the best way to make the tiger to live comfortably in this area so that they will be able to multiply in order to keep their species exists.

In Indonesia, there are some places which are used as the captivation area for the Sumatran Tiger. 

One of the places is Taman Safari, which is already pointed by more than 10 zoos in the world to be the captivation of the Sumatran Tiger. 

Hopefully, the captivation will succeed so that the Sumatran Tiger will be able to live longer in Indonesia and known in the world as one Indonesian exotic animal.