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Some Interesting Facts about Camel
Some Interesting Facts about Camel

Some Interesting Facts about Camel

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We tend to get facts about camels only in pieces and bits. 

Maybe some of us know that these animals have one while the rest have two humps. 

People tend to associate camels with arid and desert area in Africa while maybe only few of us knowing camels can live with no food for a month. 

Here we will discuss more interesting facts about camel in the animal world.

Camel is an animal, an ungulate one that has hoofs. 

There are two categories of camel species, the Bactrian camel (Cameulus bactrianus) and the Dromedary camel (Camelus dromedaries). 

The earlier has two humps while the later has only one hump. 

The Dromedaries are found mostly in the Northern Africa regions that are arid. 

Almost a half of these species today live in Ethiopia and Somalia while the rest inhabit and spread across Sudan to Morocco in North Africa. 

The other species, the Bactrian camel is available in lower numbers in Northern Asia.

In 1800’s both species of camels were introduced into the United States as the United States Army for a short of time were using them as draft of animals. 

Because horses could not be used easily alongside the camels (they dislike the camel’s smell) the experiment did not successful. 

As the result, the troops had never become accustomed to camels.