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Protection of Wolves in US

Protection of Wolves in US

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The wolves are nearly extinct today.

They are often hunted by the people that they today can nearly be seen anywhere.

The balance of the ecosystem is actually from the contribution of the species in the chain, as well as the wolves.

In the United States of America, the presence of these wolves has been intervened by the human’s hand.

Once, grey wolves were abundant in the US that the government eventually sponsored the legal wolf hunting.

The effort to decrease the amount of the species worked, but rather too far that in 1930s, they could no longer be found in several states, like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, to south-western Canada.

The protection of the wolves then came to the next phase, where the US passed the law namely Endangered Species Act in 1973, in which, wolves were listed as well in 1974 to protect them from being hunted.

But the pattern was repeated that the population of the wolves came booming again.

In 1990s, the authority reintroduced the increasing population of wolves in the area of northern Rocky Mountains, around the western part of the USA.

Said to be very threatening to livestock, there were the people that kept forcing the ranching.