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Natural Ways to Conceive Baby Girl
Natural Ways to Conceive Baby Girl

Natural Ways to Conceive Baby Girl

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Having a baby is the precious moment in our life. 

Some people may not be care with the sex of their baby but some are more liking at certain sex. 

In truth, there are no definite ways that can give you 100% guarantee certain sex of your baby. 

Natural ways that we will be discussed later only give you bigger percentage to conceive certain sex, in this case conceive baby girl.

  1. Shettles method. Sperm consisted XY chromosomes. Boy sperms that contained Y chromosome are faster but fragile. Girl sperms that contained X chromosome are slower but stronger. Dr. Shettles found that if you want to conceive baby girl, you should have sex two to four days prior ovulation. So when ovulation is happened, only girl sperms that have been left to fertilize the egg. Dr. Shettles also said if you want baby girl, you should avoid doing intercourse while you have ovulation.
  2. Choose sex styles that do not allowed deep penetration. Missionary style allows shallow penetration. The distance between head of penis and cervix will far enough so boy sperms are dying before they reach egg, so the chance of girl sperms fertilize the eggs will bigger.
  3. No orgasm. When you have orgasm, cervix will release alkaline-based fluid into vagina. It helps the survival rate of boy sperms higher. So no orgasm means the survival rate of boy sperms decreasing, girl sperms can fertilize the egg more freely.
  4. More sex. In the days before ovulation, you should do more sex. So when you reach ovulation time, the sperm counts will less and it means boy sperms counts will be reduced too.
  5. Vegetarian diet. High-calcium and magnesium foods like spinach, nuts and broccoli will help you conceive baby girl.