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Natural Medicine to Help Migraine Treatment

Natural Medicine to Help Migraine Treatment

If you are familiar with migraine you may have migraine treatment to help you remove that problem. 

Most people have already experienced migraine. 

It is very annoying when it comes especially when you are on the middle of the work and cannot be left. 

It also is very troublesome because it is not only feel ache on the half part on your head, but also you will find another symptoms such as nausea until vomit. 

For your migraine treatment, you need ask the doctor to help you reduce or even remove the migraine. 

But if you prefer some traditional and natural treatment you need to follow this.

Natural treatment for migraine

There are some natural medicines to treat your migraine. 

First is garlic, you need three cloves of garlic and then mash it, after that compress it to the head. 

The second is tea; you just have to boiling the tea to the hot water and then add some lime juice on it and then drink.

Prevent the migraine

The best treatment is to prevent it happen, firstly you have to avoid the migraine trigger, and then having healthy lifestyle and have enough rest to avoid stress. 

Do it to help your migraine treatment.