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Let’s stick together to protect Orangutans
Let’s stick together to protect Orangutans

Let’s stick together to protect Orangutans

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As the Indonesian people, we should aware of the presence of Orangutan.

Like we know that, Orangutan habitat mostly is in Borneo and Sumatra island.

Based on the Rijksen and Meijaard research on Orangutan presence and habitat in 1999, there only around 12.000 individuals in Borneo and around 15.000 individuals in Sumatra.

Now, there also an estimation that the presence of this Asia great apes going to extinction slowly.

It can be said that Orangutan is the magnificence animal world which could be found only in Indonesia.

Therefore, it’s our job as the people of Indonesia to take care about the presence of Orangutan.

With the another international organizations assistance which focus with endangered species and conservations, we can make a movement to protect Orangutans from extinction.

During this time, the popular international organization which protect and the threat Orangutan very well are CITES(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and IUCN Red List.

If you can’t be able to do more further with these big international organization, you still can do something for Orangutans by keeping living in go green lifestyle.

The more you care about your surroundings, the more chance of Orangutans to live longer.

So, let’s we stick together to prevent the extinction of Orangutans, because Orangutan is one of animal world heritage that we must protect.