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Is your Rhino Pregnant?
Is your Rhino Pregnant?

Is your Rhino Pregnant?

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The simple question related to whether or not your rhino is pregnant seems difficult to answer.

In fact we can expect that a rhino with a gestation period of 18 month to have pregnancy signs at around 8 months.

In animal world, a female of rhinos that may have weight up to 1.5 tones can give a young rhino with a weight of only fifty to sixty kilos.

This is also a cause that makes it difficult to tell whether a rhino is pregnant or not.

Even when pregnant this complicates things more, pregnant rhinos are known to be served by the males.

While in the zoo it is even harder to tell that a rhino is pregnant at a close look by human’s eyes.

Often they are left with the responsibility of uncertainty and guess work.

Several methods have been introduced to test the pregnancy of this highly aggressive mammal by collecting its sample urine.

However, the problem comes from the complexity in taking the samples like urine, feces and other specimens needed for the tests while rhino is a wild free animal that can attack if it feels panic while its eyesight is poor.

The animals left urine and feces are known to be very easily contaminated by little hormones.

The large question still remain although there is still hope that the stool of rhino can be collected in large amount thus can be the best available option if we can get rid the contamination problem.