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Insomnia Concerns to Your Health
Insomnia Concerns to Your Health

Insomnia Concerns to Your Health

Insomnia is sleep disorders that make people get trouble to get sleep at night. 

Most of people with this disorder are feel not refreshed when they wake up in the morning. 

Based on National Sleep Foundation, there are 30-40% adult in America have trouble in sleep or get staying asleep. 

There are about 10-15% from them have chronic insomnia disorder.

Insomnia factors Triggers

Several factors linked into insomnia trigger. These include the sleeping habits, personal circumstances and lifestyle.

· Lack of exercises
· Irregular sleep schedule
· Sleeping during a day
· Use electronic devices in bed
· Too much noise and light in bedroom are also becomes the others factors that able to triggers insomnia.

National Sleep Foundation also finds that people that have insomnia have higher risk in depression and poor general health.

Help to Address Insomnia

There are several strategies that able to do to reduce insomnia.

· Establish regular sleep schedule by scheduled same time to get up and get to the bed each day
· Avoid drink and other beverages that contain caffeine in evening hours
· Do not take heavy meal
· Make your sleep environment as comfort as possible.
· Use relaxation techniques such as yoga for your stress relieve
· Avoid taking naps in afternoon