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India’s Problem with Wolves
India’s Problem with Wolves

India’s Problem with Wolves

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In the world today, the controversy of the wolves is on how to protect it as endangered species.

In one side, it is said while the other side would say they should be hunted and killed for the worry of stealing the livestock and even causes the tragedy like attacking people, like that once happened in 1878 in India.

At that time, there were about 624 people were killed by the wolves in UP, and in 1995 another tragedy happened while in Bihar there were 80 children attacked, among which, 20 were rescued.

Such a dilemma makes the decision to conserve the wolves in India becomes very hard.

The population of the wolves is declining drastically lately for the absence of attention to their habitat today.

The important role of the wolves to balance the ecosystem in the area makes them considerable for the protection, but in the other side, the dark history as well as the coming of the tigers there also make them become the pitiful endangered species to be abandoned and remain left behind.

Different with tiger area that gives the compensation for the loss of livestock of people, there is no such scheme of compensation in the area of wolves.