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How to Keep Cool Food in summer
How to Keep Cool Food in summer

How to Keep Cool Food in summer

How to keep cool food in summer? 

This question will be the important topic to be discussed. 

As we know some countries will face the summer time. 

Of course, there will be the higher weather temperature they will get. 

Sometimes, they also spend summer time by doing fun activities. 

However, it will be the hottest time for you who face summer especially in Middle East area.

Well, you will not only stay in your room with air condition. 

You have to also let your room heating off. 

There are some clever tricks you can follow in order to keep your food cool during summer. 

If you want to know about those tips, you can keep reading below. 

Here is the discussion for you.

Leveling up your water

As you know, some people will choose the cold glass in order to face their thirsty. 

You will also add some ices to your mouth to keep cooling for some seconds. 

Then, how to keep cool longer? 

Of course, you can follow such a trick. 

You can put some mint sprigs in your glass and also the water pitcher. 

As you know mint offers you the natural chemical and menthol. 

It can help you to get cool sensation in your brain.

Then, you can also add them in your foods. 

It can give you the cool effect while eating the foods. 

So, this is the trick you can follow how to keep cool food in summer.