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How to Flatten Your Tummy after Pregnancy
How to Flatten Your Tummy after Pregnancy

How to Flatten Your Tummy after Pregnancy

Every mom must think hard about the ways to flatten tummy after pregnancy. 

Yes, every woman will have the tummy with saggy look and lack of tone. 

It is a common problem that could happen in about three months or longer after the baby birth.

The Cause of Mummy Tummy

Mummy belly in women after giving birth is caused by the weak wall of the abdominal. 

Abdominal muscles will normally divided during the pregnancy and birth process, so the expansion of tummy and uterus will happen too. 

The six pack muscles in the two sides will knit back naturally after you giving birth. 

However, the weak abdominal wall will make you get a bulge. It can’t keep the stomach and intestines’ contents. 

When it couldn’t have the knit back tummy, then you need some solutions to flatten tummy after pregnancy.

How to Flatten Mummy Tummy

The first step that can be taken to make flatten mummy tummy is getting some physiotherapy. 

Choose a professional physiotherapist that can teach some exercises that knitting back the tummy muscles in the right place. 

You also can do some pelvic floor exercises that strengthen your tummy muscles. 

Some yoga poses like plank pose is also an effective way to flatten tummy after pregnancy.