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Healthy Drinks for Your Healthy Body
Healthy Drinks for Your Healthy Body

Healthy Drinks for Your Healthy Body

Have you consumed healthy drinks every day? 

Most part of our body contains water or liquid. 

Liquid is very important for the human body. 

By controlling the liquid in our body, we can get healthy body. 

But sometime we don’t know what the best drink for our body. 

Here the best healthy drinks that will make you always fit every day:


Milk is a healthy drink and can make the bones stronger. 

Milk also prevents osteoporosis. 

Milk contains much nutrition, such as carbohydrate, fat and vitamin D. 

Vitamin D will stabilize blood sugar level.

Hot Chocolate

One glass of hot chocolate can change your mood into good mood. 

Chocolate can protect your heart from heart disease. 

It also improves the production of serotonins that control your mood.

Soya Milk

Soya milk contains fiber and protein which is good for decreasing cholesterol level and the risk of heart disease.

Orange Juice

Orange contains antioxidant and vitamin C which are good for your health. 

It also contains anti-inflammation, so good to be consumed routinely.

Green tea

Green tea contains flavonoid and polyphenols that are good to protect cell and prevent the growth of cancer cell. 

Green tea also has function to prevent cavity.

You can consume the drinks above to get healthy body. 

By consuming healthy drinks, you can improve your health and also free from many diseases.