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Get Benefit for Your Body from Strawberry
Get Benefit for Your Body from Strawberry

Get Benefit for Your Body from Strawberry

Who doesn’t know about strawberry? 

Well, it seems impossible to do. 

Strawberry is popular fruit; it is known that strawberry is sweet fruit that the color is red. 

This sweet and red fruit has a lot of benefits that is useful for human body and keep it to be healthy. 

It is very common that strawberry contains antioxidant that will prevent cancer and the other disease.

But, it is not only for preventing cancer, there are still a lot of benefits you can get from consuming strawberry, moreover if you are consuming it regularly. 

The benefits of strawberry for body health will get from consuming it regularly, as some studies report that consuming strawberry regularly will make your heart become health, it is because despite antioxidant, strawberry also contains antosianin.

The other benefit for health that can be gotten is decreasing blood pressure because it contains polyfenol that has ability to decrease blood pressure. 

The quercetin in strawberry also will give benefit for human body that is for anti infection. 

Moreover, for you who has problem with blood sugar, it will help you to control the blood sugar in your body. 

Be healthy with consuming this sweet fruit is the best way and the favorite one.