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Avoid These Things If You Do Not Want to Get Hiccups
Avoid These Things If You Do Not Want to Get Hiccups

Avoid These Things If You Do Not Want to Get Hiccups

Sometimes when we're eating a food or drink, we had the hiccups. 

Hiccups are a natural thing and everyone has experienced a hiccup. 

In medicine hiccup called synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF). 

Hiccups causing the diaphragm to contract simultaneously with the larynx so that the cords will be issued a different sound. 

Every human being has a varying intensity hiccup. There were people who had the hiccups for the little things. 

But there are people who have health problems because of the hiccups. Persistent hiccups should be handled by medical. 

When someone is having hiccups more than one month, then the condition is already serious. 

Several studies have been conducted and the researchers managed to find the cause of hiccups as follows:

1. Consuming foods under conditions that are still hot can cause hiccups due to phrenic nerve lies adjacent to the esophagus.

2. When there is gas in the stomach, then the hiccups will occur because of the pressure of the pressing diaphragms opposite.

3. People who eat too much and eat quickly will be susceptible to hiccups.

4. The temperature of the food has changed suddenly can cause hiccups.

5. People who consume soft drinks can experience hiccups.

6. Spicy foods also make a person experiencing hiccups.

7. Dry bread was found to cause hiccups.

8. Alcoholic beverages are also potentially cause hiccups.