Venomous Vs Dangerous Snake

Venomous Vs Dangerous Snake

Despite a lot of dispute over the most venomous snakes due to different criteria that inevitable leads to arguments, it is important to note that venomous snake does not always mean dangerous one. 

For instance some people rely on LD50 test to determine the most venomous snake that refers lethal dose 50%. 

It means the amount venom of snake if it is given all at once that is able to kill 50% of animals used in tests (usually mice). 

Other people make a rank of venomous snakes based on the venom yield. 

It means they measure the amount of venom that the snake can produce at a given bite.

In animal world the most dangerous snake does not always the most venomous. 

It should be cleared up that to list the most dangerous snakes you should not use the rank resulted by the LD50 tests mentioned above. 

There is a huge difference between the most venomous snake and the dangerous one. 

Studies show that snakes that have venom charts usually are reclusive and shy. 

Therefore, they only account for very few human deaths. 

The most dangerous snakes then mean particular snakes that can be found in highly populated area and are more aggressive towards humans while they are highly venomous both based on lethal dose as well as venom charts.