Unique Facts about Crocodile You Might Not Know Yet

Unique Facts about Crocodile You Might Not Know Yet

Who does not know about crocodile? 

It seems that all people know about this reptile. 

Crocodile is one of the animals which are categorized as ancient animal. 

It is because crocodile only experiences a few evolutions since the dinosaur era. 

Yes, indeed, not all people know about this fact. 

Actually, there are still some other unique facts about this magnificent animal.

Besides being valued as an ancient creature in animal world, crocodile is also valued as one of the most effective natural killers. 

Well, it is related to the anatomy of the crocodile body that makes this animal gets such attribute. 

The main weapon and the most deadly part of the crocodile body is its jaw. 

The jaw can crush things easily with its unbelievable power. 

Such jaw is supported by unique arrangement of the bones and muscles. 

Therefore, it is very easy for the crocodile to tear its preys apart.

For addition, there are only few people who know that crocodile can move quite fast. 

It can move with the speed up to 18 kilometers per hour. 

Therefore, you need to be very careful when there is a crocodile near you. 

Running is the best solution. 

However, you should run in zigzag movement to make it easier for to escape from the crocodile. 

It is because although crocodile can move fast but its motor response is not really good.