Tips and Tricks for Normal Baby Birth

Tips and Tricks for Normal Baby Birth

The normal birth or vaginal delivery allows each mother to get the risk of postpartum. 

It is very beneficial for the health recovery process. 

It will be faster than the surgery birth process. 

The simple tip to prepare for the normal birth is joining the class of pregnant women. 

The class of pregnant women is a study groups to the health of pregnant women, the process during pregnancy, care during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum related to postnatal care and contraceptive choices. 

This class is including sharing experiences during pregnancy with other pregnant women that will make you calm and relax. 

It also can relieve the anxiety feeling so that you more focus on the opportunities for a normal delivery.

More than that set the weight gain during the pregnancy. 

Weight management is very important for pregnant women. 

Weight control is obtained during pregnancy that has been associated with the intake of nutrients needed for fetal growth. 

The weight gain in the first trimester is relatively low. 

The fast rise in weight can be seen in the pregnancy when entering the second and third trimesters. 

During the pregnancy weight gain ranges from 12 until 15 kg. 

The high weight for pregnant women will be difficult for the normal birth process. 

So concern on the weight gain but still fulfill the nutrition.