The Negative Impacts in Consuming Drugs and Narcotics

The Negative Impacts in Consuming Drugs and Narcotics

The negative impacts in using the drugs and narcotics are damaging the health, both the physical health and the psychological health. 

Moreover, the great effects can influence the future life of the user. 

Narcotics caused health disorder in the nervous system or it is called neurological such as hallucination, convulsion, neurological damage the edges, and disturbance of consciousness. 

This drug also can cause the heart and blood vessels disorder such as the circulatory disorders and an acute infection of the heart muscle

The pulmonary of the lung disorder such as the hardening of lung tissue and the suppression of the function of the respiratory may also happened. 

The dermatologist side effect like allergies, eczema, and the abscess may occur to the user of narcotics. 

In short time, the user will feel the frequent headache, nausea and vomit, diarrhea, sleepless, and heart downsizing. 

The impacts of drug abuse on reproductive health are on the endocrine disorders, such as the decreased function of reproductive hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and the sexual dysfunction.

The bad impact of the narcotics and drugs for the physical, psychological and the social relationship are actually closely interrelated. 

The physical dependence will cause the huge pain or drugs withdraw as the result of the addiction and the psychological boost and the strong desire to consume it more.