The Nature of Elephants


So many people judge elephants as fierce animals.

Well, actually such thing is very normal.

It is because the appearance of the elephants which is so huge added by the trunk and the ivories make the people are scared with them.

However, this animal, which is said to be the biggest land animal in animal world, is actually very calm.

They will not disturb the others if they are not disturbed first.

Therefore, it is actually very safe for you to get near the elephants.

However, you still need to be careful and you are accompanied by the experts.

Beside the fact that elephants are calm animal, elephants are also loyal to their colony and friends.

Whenever there is a sick elephant in the colony, the other elephants will try their best to protect the sick one.

Elephants are also lover animals.

It can be shown by the behavior of the female and male elephants to their baby elephants.

They will go whenever the baby goes to protect the baby from the harmful things.

Well, it seems that the proverb which says “Don’t judge the book by its cover” can be applicable to the elephants.

Although the appearance is fierce, elephants are actually calm animals.