The Horrifying Health Issues from Sitting Too Long

The Horrifying Health Issues from Sitting Too Long

Most of people spent about 5-8 hours even more a day working while sitting at the computer whether designing, programming, input data, writing, or other similar jobs. 

But, do you know that the time you spend on your chair without any break, it will increase the probability of you suffering from several health issues.

First, the lack of movement or inactivity will cause your body for not burning any calories and leave them as fat. 

It’s the reason why those people gaining some weight even end up in obesity. 

The bad position of sitting also lead to sore shoulders and back, strained neck, bad back (inflexible spine and disk damage), mushy abs, tight hips, limp glutes, poor circulation in legs, even foggy brain. 

World Health Organization (WHO) data may shock you even more, because the lack of activity is the fourth leading cause of 6% mortality in the world. 

The data also revealed that sitting too long can increase the risk of 30% heart disease, 27% diabetes, overproductive pancreas, and 21-25% breast and colon cancer.

The best way to avoid this kind of self-destroying is breaking the habit. 

Take some walking or rest for your eyes in front of screen for a while between works. 

Sit up straight and do some stretching during your spare time. 

Although you need to spend hours working while sitting but you should balance your life with some exercises.