The Cause and Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

The Cause and Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

The disease of bipolar disorder can be seen by the turnover of the mood. 

For patient with bipolar disorder will experience the normal circumstance between mania and depression. 

In some cases, the people with bipolar disorder experience the fast turnover from the phase to phase in the absence of the normal period. 

Each phase is quite severe symptoms that can last up to several weeks. 

In bipolar disorder, there are also patients who experience mania and depression simultaneously. 

For example, when the patient feels very energetic at the same time he also felt very sad and desperate. 

The symptoms very rarely happened, and it is called the period.

Until now, experts do not know the cause of bipolar disorder disease. 

However, the symptoms of mania or depression in the sufferer, is thought that is triggered by several factors such as abnormalities in the introductory of the signal substances to the brain.

In diagnosing the bipolar disorder, the psychiatrist will ask about the symptoms, the patient's medical history, and the family medical history for example if there are family members of the patients who suffered from the same condition. 

In addition, the doctor may do the blood tests and urine tests to make sure that the existing symptoms are not caused by other diseases.