Surprisingly, Sleeping at Night While the Lights On affects Some Dangers for the Health

Surprisingly, Sleeping at Night While the Lights On affects Some Dangers for the Health

Having a good sleep in a proper portion becomes one of the ways to keep our body fit and health. 

That is as important as having a healthy diet and doing exercises regularly. 

That is a good habit for you to obtain in order to get the healthy and fit body. 

However, the habit of sleeping for each of you might be different. 

That is including whether you let the light on or off. 

Did you know that sleeping while the light on has some side bad effects for the body health?

The Side Effects of Sleeping While Lights On

There are some side effects of sleeping when the lights on. 

One of them is that the melatonin hormone would not be produced when you sleep while lights still on. 

The hormone is needed for the body immune. 

Then, another fact of the side effect is this bad habit will affect to the brain structure chance and can cause depression. 

That is based on the research of Medical Centre of OHIO State University. 

The exposure of light while sleeping at night is also not good for women since it can increase the risk of breast cancer and also colon cancer. 

Sleep while the lights-on can also disturb the biologic hour of the body. 

As the result, it will cause the metabolism problems of the body.

Tips of Having a Good and Quality Sleeping

There are some tips for having the healthy yet quality sleep at night. 

First, you need to turn off the light of the room. 

If you could not do that, use the sleep lamp. 

Then, do not activate your gadget since the light will also affect the bad impacts. 

Second, go to sleep in the right time. 

That is about 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. 

Those are some tips for the quality night sleep for better health.