Stopping the Rhino Carnage

Stopping the Rhino Carnage

There is a very important announcement about our rhino that probably will touch the nerve of yours.

The rhinoceros, one of the greatest African icons is currently endangered as it is being slaughtered indiscriminately by highly professional and organized gangs of poachers in South Africa.

The rhino is prized in Asia particularly China because of its horn.

The rhino horn is often used as an aphrodisiac.

The latest attack of white rhino at the Pilanesberg left five animals dead with no horns.

In animal world, South Africa is known to be the important habitat of rhino but the region is losing in average 18 rhinos per month.

And the last incident on September 22 makes the day is remembered as Rhino day followed by demonstration bringing it attention all over the country.

It seems that without international help it is impossible to stop the trade in rhino horn in South Africa.

The leaders of the nations should be pushed to stop the rhino carnage and begin to look within their borders for the culprit rooting the cause of animal parts’ evil trade.

The case of rhino with its horn is not different from the case of elephant with its ivory.

This is all sad stories that we should solve to save our future.