Parkour, the Extreme Sport for Physical and Mentally Health

Parkour, the Extreme Sport for Physical and Mentally Health

Parkour regarded as an extreme sport that is performed by moving from one point to another. 

This sport is physically and mentally demanding work by ignoring the obstacles by jumping, rolling, and running. 

Although it is not like any other sport, this activity which was introduced from the French state has benefits for the healthy body, if it is done consistently.

The cardiovascular system including the heart, lungs, and blood vessels are responsible for providing oxygen to the entire body. 

Parkour is good for the cardiovascular system. 

 It causes the increasing of the heart rate and the blood pressure. 

Parkour is training the strength and the muscular endurance. 

The strengths include the Parkour maneuvers such as disconnecting from obstacles. 

The ability is to generate the quick action. Muscle endurance needed for low-intensity movements and they are repeated. Parkour style involves more power and capabilities. 

It can lead to muscle growth because more protein is added in the muscle fibers, thereby this exercise is enhancing the ability of the muscles to produce more power. 

Parkour style that involves the endurance can also make more muscular.

Based on the study by Dr. Len Kravitz in University of Mexico, the cardiovascular activities such as Parkour extreme sport can improve the cognitive function to the adult people, improved the gross and fine motor function to the human body and mind.