Now Frog Foam Can Heal Serious Injuries in Your Skin

Now Frog Foam Can Heal Serious Injuries in Your Skin

When Engystomops pustulosus issued the egg, the mother would wrap the egg with the mixture of proteins that have been shaken and become foam. 

Frog eggs use the hind legs shut. 

Foam will envelop the eggs of environmental disturbance, germs, and predators. 

Now researchers have learned that synthetic compounds can be used to grease the wounded in the human skin. 

Dr. Paul Hoskisson originating from the University of Strathclyde said that the foam is still naturally have a durable nature and very stable. 

This foam can release and absorb the medication. 

Researchers have carried out laboratory tests. 

These substances can produce ink for 72 to 168 hours. 

The substance can also produce antibiotics vancomycin for 48 hours. 

This makes the foam to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. 

This foam is not toxic so it does not harm human skin cells. 

This foam is not practical if it must be obtained from a frog. 

Then the researchers make this foam in the laboratory by means of engineering the E. 

Coli bacterium that produces two major proteins. 

Finally, the synthetic substance is obtained and expected results of this study can be used pad severe burns and so forth. 

This foam has a short age compared to administration of drugs in the long term.