Interesting Facts about Mockingbirds, Mynas and Parrots

Mockingbirds are well known because of their ability to mimic other birds’ calls even though they can generate their own distinct call. 

These unique birds also can repeat other animals’ sounds and even mechanical ones such as car alarms or and horns. 

According to several studies, the Mockingbirds imitate calls because they serve to expand their repertoire so that they will look more attractive to their mates. 

The Mockingbirds are uncomplicated bird noises and songs that are limited to short. 

For instance, even by the most talented Mockingbirds, the Song Sparrow’s complex song cannot be adequately copied.


The Mynas, closely related to Mockingbirds are recognized in animal world for their ability to mimic the voices of human. 

That is why the birds are sought after pets. 

However, parrots have appeared as the true bird-brain when it comes to imitating humans. 

Psittacines like budgerigars have been recognized to have a vocabulary of almost 2,000 words while passerines like crows can only repeat simple phrases or few words.


Parrots as they are believed by experts are especially adept at “talking” because they are both naturally social and highly intelligent. 

These birds can form close-knit social groups in the wild. 

They may see humans as part of their flock when they are raised in our house.