Human’s is the Only Predator for Tiger

Human is a creature which is known to be the creature that has the highest morality than any other creature. 

As a matter of fact, the statement is actually not 100% true. 

The only reason why it is so is because there are some human actions that makes the morality of human seems to be faded away.

One example of case that can be taken to show that human is not always good is that there are many illegal hunting of animal, such as tiger. 

Many tigers are hunted because human want to take their skin to be used to produce many things, such as, floor or wall decoration, clothes, and some other products. 

It is of course a thing which is very brutal and not suitable with the value of morality which is attached in human.

The brutality of human which is done to tiger make human as the only predator for tiger. 

It is not that they are attack the tiger to be eaten, but because the brutality that they do to tiger just because they want to take advantage form this poor animal world inhabitant. 

It is an action that should be fought so that tiger will be able to live happily as the happy human that make them to be endangered.