Elephant’s Ivories Hunting


We often hear about some kind of sad news that the population of the elephants in Africa is decreasing.

Well, we all know the cause of this thing.

It is the faults of the human beings that make such thing become possible.

The people are hunting the elephants in big numbers and thus, elephants are getting harder to be found in Africa.

If you do not know why the people are hunting the elephants, you need to continue reading this article.

Elephants have at least two ivories.

These ivories are actually the weapons of the elephants to protect themselves from any harm.

Therefore, the ivories are very strong.

By considering the strength of the ivory, the people are attracted to use it as the main material to make great accessories.

Indeed, the accessories made from elephant’s ivories are amazing.

Well, it is actually not problematic if the people take the ivories from the elephants which are dead normally.

However, the people are too greedy to wait.

Therefore, they kill the elephants just to get the ivories.

It is very pathetic.

If such thing happens over and over, the existence of the elephant will be no more.

That is why it is our job to preserve the elephants so that the elephants will not be extinct from the animal world.