Effective Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Effective Natural Remedies for Fatigue

People with busy schedule tend to experience bad fatigue. 

There are several natural remedies to help you overcome fatigue. 

First, watermelon juice. 

Watermelon has high vitamin and fruit water. 

Drinking a glass of watermelon and take a rest for a moment will get you instant relieve. 

Second, banana smoothies. 

Enjoy a glass of banana smoothies that is made of banana, some milk, and a tablespoon of honey. 

The nutrition of the smoothies, especially the vitamin B and potassium will give extra energy supply. 

The same smoothies will also be helpful to relieve hangover and reduce stomachache during your period.

Third, drink a lot of water before sleeping. 

Some people still feel tired even after long sleep. 

How could it happen? 

When you are tired your body needs more water for the metabolism becomes faster. 

You have to drink extra water to help your body. 

Just drink two to four glasses of water before sleeping and you will feel fresh when you are awake. 

The last, eat green beans. 

Boil some green beans with palm sugar. 

Palm sugar will get you extra glucose without too much calories, while the green beans will get you extra vitamin B and mineral. 

Drink the green beans water in the morning after breakfast to give you extra energy for the day.