Easy Steps to Avoid Pain When Menstruation

Easy Steps to Avoid Pain When Menstruation

Menstrual pain experienced by many women. 

The pain would be very annoying when you are a busy career woman. 

If you experience pain while doing the activity in the office, then the work and will be hampered. 

Pain during menstruation is called dysmenorrheal. 

This is because the condition of the body that is not healthy, weight is too thin or fat. 

Women will use pain relieving drugs when the drugs have side effects. 

The pain can also be a sign of uterine infection. 

When you're in pain to cause fever, bleeding too much, and vomit, then you should immediately consult a doctor. 

Here are some things to watch for pain:

1. Green vegetable

Vegetables contain magnesium and calcium that can flex muscle cramps.

2. Do not eat fast-food

Fast food containing artificial sweeteners and preservatives so that the bloating will be getting worse. Saturated fat and sugar in fast food can increase estrogen levels. You can choose foods that contain carbohydrates to facilitate your digestion.

3. Papaya

This fruit has vitamin C, A, carotene, and the enzyme papain which will expedite the flow of blood during menstruation.

4. Cinnamon

This plant contains manganese, so abdominal cramps can be cured.

5. Water

Do not drink alcoholic beverages. You should consume warm water every day to make the muscles relax and increasing blood flow.