Do You Know Tinnitus? Find Out What Causing Your Ear Ringing Here!

Do You Know Tinnitus? Find Out What Causing Your Ear Ringing Here!

What is tinnitus? 

Tinnitus is defined in medical term as an abnormal noise in the ear. 

There are still so many facts about tinnitus that most people are unfamiliar with. 

It might happen at any of the ear's ’our sections; the outer part, the middle part, the inner part, and the brain itself. 

In addition to the ringing of the ears, there are other symptoms of tinnitus that might include; ear pain, depression, stress due to tinnitus, anxiety, sleep difficulty, concentration difficulty, and decreased ability to hear. 

Tinnitus that happen so frequent will be evaluated using an audiogram or a hearing test, and certain treatment will be chosen depending on the tinnitus’ intensity.

The Cause of Tinnitus

Tinnitus itself is not a disease, but rather, it is a symptom. 

There are a wide variety of problems that might arise in our hearing organ. 

It begins with the tympanic membrane inside of our ear and then the cochlea where the sound will be transmitted before transformed to the brain. 

Tinnitus might be caused by tumours, blood flow, aging, damages to the part of the nerve’s ear, as well as meniere’s disease which is associated with vertigo and hearing loss.

Trauma to our hearing organ might also cause tinnitus. 

This includes barotrauma, where the changes in air pressure might damage the function of our ears. 

If tinnitus starts to bother you, make sure to go see a doctor about it.