Cholesterol Management with Low Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Management with Low Cholesterol Diet

Get the management for your cholesterol with low cholesterol diet that will help you to reduce the chance for risk in serious illness. 

If you are get higher cholesterol, it means that you are higher risk in have serious diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, and others.

Nut for Lower Bad Cholesterol

Consume nuts are great for your cholesterol management since it has weapons that use for against LDL, the bad cholesterol. 

Nut has omega 3 fatty acids that improve the total cholesterol that you can find in salmon, tuna and other fish.

Good Cholesterol Food

You need to consume good cholesterol food such as bowl of oatmeal in a day that able to bring down your bad cholesterol amount. 

You also able to eat several list food for good cholesterol such as Soy protein that help to lower bad cholesterol.

How to Lower Your cholesterol

You can do these practice tips to lower your cholesterol;

· Ban your trans fat
· Scale back your weight
· Fill up your fiber
· Take more exercises and physical activity
· Option for olive oil for cooking
· Spices up with herbs such as garlic, black pepper, coriander and cinnamon
· Go fish.