Chewing, One of the Simple Secret for Healthy Life

Chewing, One of the Simple Secret for Healthy Life

Chewing becomes something common while eating. 

But only a few understand the right technique in chewing to be more beneficial for life. 

One of the impacts of chewing slowly is feeling full longer. 

When you eat in slow way, your brain will send the signals which make your stomach fuller. 

Thus, it can reduce the portion of your well. As the result, you will know the time to stop in eating. 

This condition can help you in losing weight and control yourself to the more weight.

More than that, it helps the digestion. 

When chewing food, the saliva will work to break down the particle of the food and then soften it. 

This makes it easy to process in the system of digestion. 

The enzyme of alpha amylase and lingual lipase in saliva will help the process in breaking down the fats and carbohydrates. 

The salivary glands are producing those multifunction enzymes.

In addition, the slowly process in chewing can maintain the hygiene of the oral. 

When you are chewing the food in the right way, the saliva will help to fight the plaque and the bad smell breath. 

The compound of hydrogen carbonate in saliva plays the role to neutralize the formation of the plaque. 

In addition, the function of the saliva is able to kill the dangerous bacteria and the sweep the food particles around the teeth.