Banana As Your Morning Mood booster

Banana As Your Morning Mood booster

Banana as your morning mood booster, anyone? 

Of course we all know that banana is one of the best fruits with rich nutrition and vitamin. 

Many people will eat banana as their healthy instant meal, especially if they don’t have too much time to prepare big meal because need to go to office as quick as possible. 

Banana can remove your hungriness when also give you antioxidant result that will be good for your body system. 

More than that, banana is also often to be consumed by athletes and people before and after took sport classes. 

Banana can give energy you need and very easy to eat, that’s why it’s favorite fruit for many athletes around the world.

Now, not only those facts are completely true. 

Another fact about banana is appear here : banana can boost your mood and make you feel better after eating it. 

Is it true? 

Yes, banana is very good as mood booster, has strong benefit to remove your sadness, depression or just give you some positive impacts. 

The sweet taste of banana will also affect your brain just like when you taste ice cream and candy: overall it’s the best fruit you need to consume if you are suddenly in bad mood or just want to take a break on your spare time.